aDISC Assessment

DISC is the four quadrant behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 - 1947) to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. DISC looks at interpersonal styles and behavioral preferences.

aDISC Assessment

Read the four phrases below and select the best that describes you.
Choose M next to the phrase that MOST describes you and L next to the phrases that LEAST describes you.

Gently, kindly
Persuasive, convincing
Humble, reserved, modest
Original, inventive, individualistic
Aggressive, challenger, takes action
Centre of attraction, outgoing, entertaining
Easy mark, easily taken advantage of
Fearful, afraid
Attractive, charming
Cooperative, agreeable
Stubborn, unyielding
Sweet, pleasing
Cautious, wary, careful
Determined, decided, stands firm
Convincing, assuring
Good natured, pleasant
Easily led, follower
Bold, daring
Loyal, devoted
Charming, delightful
Willing, goes with the flow
Eager, anxious
Agreeable, consenting
High-spirited, lively, enthusiastic
Open-minded, receptive to other's ideas
Obliging, helpful
Will power, strong willed
Cheerful, joyful
Confident, assured, believes in self
Sympathetic, compassionate
Assertive, aggressive
Jovial, joking
Precise, exact
Nervy, gutsy, brazen
Even-tempered, calm, not easily excited
Well-disciplined, self-controlled
Generous, willingness to share
Animated, uses gestures for expression
Persistent, unrelenting, refuses to quit
Competitive, seeks to win
Considerate, caring, thoughtful
Outgoing, fun loving, enjoys social groups
Harmonious, agreeable
Admirable, deserving of praise
Kind, willing to help, giving
Resigned, gives in
Forceful character, powerful
Fussy, hard to please
Obedient, dutiful, does as told
Unconquerable, determined
Playful, full of fun
Respectful, compliant
Pioneering, exploring, enterprising
Optimistic, positive
Accommodating, willing to please
Brave, unafraid, courageous
Inspiring, stimulating, motivating
Submissive, yielding, gives in
Timid, shy, quiet
Argumentative, confronting
Adaptable, flexible
Nonchalant, casually indifferent
Light-hearted, carefree
Sociable, enjoys company of others
Patient, steady, tolerant
Self-reliant, independent
Timid, shy, quiet
Trusting, faith in others
Contented, satisfied
Positive, admitting no doubt
Peaceful, tranquil
Adventurous, willing to take chances
Receptive, open to suggestions
Cordial, warm, friendly
Moderate, avoids extremes
Good mixer, likes being with people
Cultured, educated, enjoys learning
Vigorous, energetic
Lenient, tolerant of others
Talkative, chatty
Controlled, restrained
Conventional, does it the usual way
Decisive, firm in making a decision, certain
Companionable, easy to be with
Accurate, correct
Outspoken, speaks boldly
Restrained, reserved, controlled
Polished, smooth talker
Daring, risk taker
Diplomatic, tactful
Satisfied, contented, pleased
Restless, unable to relax
Neighborly, friendly
Popular, liked by most people
Orderly, neat, organized

You have completed the aDISC Assessment.

Here are your results:

Environment Demands

My Graph Analysis

> The ‘me’ others see.

> How I perceive the demands from my environment, and how I believe others expect me to behave.

> Most changeable dynamic trait.

Your Stress Response

My Graph Analysis

> Instinctive response to pressure.

> When stress and tension are present, I will react instinctively with this behavior.

> Most static trait. Change is very gradual.


My Graph Analysis

> My self-perception. How I see myself.

> I am sometimes unaware of the behavior I use with other people. However, this is how I perceive my behavior to be most of the time.